Astro Photography workshop 1 on 1

Astro Photography workshop 1 on 1


Join me under the stars for a 2 hour workshop while I help you better understand what it takes to take a great Milkyway photo.

It doesn’t matter if you have never tried before, this workshop is aimed at those that are interested in making a start in astrophotography, We will cover topics such as.

*Your gear and any gear you might need to look into

*planning your milkyway shots (this is a large part of a successful shot)

*getting your camera set up correctly

*finding a unique and interesting composition

*adding light painting to the foreground of your shot

*using the ambient light around to your advantage

*using night filters to cut light polution

We will go to one of the spots I have been location scouting over the past couple of weeks that are perfect for these types of shots and be sure that you have both an image from the night you can show your family and friends and be proud of and also have the knowledge to make many more amazing images.

Once booked I will contact you with an appropriate time and place,

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