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Latest Updates

A start to an exciting adventure

Welcome to my new website where I will be displaying and selling my work as well as providing updates on what projects I am working on.

As I write this I can barely contain my excitement for the month ahead of me. Just 2 weeks ago my plan was to go to Lady Elliot Island for 3 nights and photograph the manta ray migration, but at the last minute a friend pulled out and I wasn't sure if I was going to go or not. 
Then out of nowhere one Facebook message from a friend in the U.S changed everything. That simple message from my friend Taylor Fischer (IG: @taylorfischer116) asking if I knew any snowboarders in my home of New Zealand quickly escalated. 

For the last week or so myself and an old friend from high school and Pro Snowboarder Stef Zeestraten, and Taylor we have been putting together a trip that begins on the 2nd of August and will see Taylor and myself take a camper van around the South Island of NZ making a video for ActiveOn Action cameras who Taylor is the content manager for. The main part of this trip will be a heliboarding video in the crisp back country mountains of NZ. But when we aren't on the mountain boarding we will be doing things like J=jet boating, sky diving, bungy jumping and in general making the most of being in the adventure capital of the world.

Once we have wrapped this 10 day shoot up I will be off to a place that has been the top of my bucket list for sometime now......TAHITI. And to make things even better the Billabong Pro starts midway through my time in Tahiti. While I am there I will be staying with a local family getting a real feel for Tahiti and doing as many different activities as possible but the number one is to witness Teahupo'o doing what it does best.

If you want to see these adventures as they happen I will be uploading on the daily to Instagram @hamishstubbs and also on my snapchat hstubbsy85


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